We hear from a lot of people wondering about fast ways to sell their home, and who are searching for “Can I sell my house fast Los Angeles” area.

Some people are looking to downsize after their kids have left home. Some families need to upgrade with the birth of a new child, and some people inherit a property and find themselves needing a quick sale for tax purposes.

Whatever Your Reason We Help You Sell Your Home

At John Medina Buys Houses we take pride in helping homeowners get a fast sale. We understand how hard it can be to get a good price for your property and how stressful the home selling process can be.

When you sell your home the traditional way you are faced with many challenges:

– Listing fees of as much as 6% of the property price
– Closing fees that can be as much as 4% of the final price
– Pre-sale work and renovations which can cost as much as $15,000 and the time and stress of organizing them.

Our goal is to free you from those challenges. We will come and look at your property and then give you an offer based on the location, size and condition of the property on the day that we look at it.

We will not ask you to do any renovations. We will not charge you legal fees or closing fees. We will not make you wait while a mortgage is approved.

We will make a cash offer and if you accept that offer we will transfer the cash into your bank account. We make selling your home simple.

Discrete and Professional Service

If you are wondering “can I sell my house fast Los Angeles“, you have come to the right place. When you initially call us we will give you an indicative offer.

This is not a commitment to buy, it is simply a rough idea of what your house might be worth based on the information that you supply.

If you are interested in continuing with the sales process then we will arrange for someone to come and inspect the property and draw up a formal offer.

You can accept or decline that offer. If you accept that offer, then congratulations! You have just sold your house. We don’t put up “For Sale” signs and we don’t advertise locally.

You won’t have to arrange multiple viewings or deal with buyers who let you down because someone further down the chain let them down.

We believe that the traditional way of selling property, while useful if you aren’t in a rush and are willing to wait for the perfect offer, is too slow, cumbersome and fraught with hidden expenses to be worthwhile for many sellers.

Why not call us today to get an indicative offer for your house? We are here to help you unlock the equity in your house in the fastest and most efficient way possible. Let us help you move to your new dream home.

Get Your No Obligation Offer in 24 Hours or Less!

Give us a call at (310) 928-9688 or fill out our form to get started.