John Medina Buys Houses is the Best Home Buying Company You Can Trust.

We Are Legitimate Home Cash Buyers

We Are “John Medina Buys Houses“, the most trusted, best home buying company in California since 2013

We are a local and family owned home buying investment company, known for our fair offers. We above all else understand that no one wants a low offer for their home. This is why we do our best for all clients to present the highest possible offer we can make. We make this possible by doing our due diligence and extensive research, as well as by keeping our renovation costs as low as possible so we can make sure the offer we present to you is the best that fits your current situation.

Our rehabs are kept simple and are strategically designed to minimize the costs of repairs while also maximizing our profit return. You do know what this means, don’t you?

Well, If we can keep our costs down and the profits up, then that allows us to offer you a lot more for your house and this my friends, is our little secret on our higher offers!

If you would like to know how much in cash we would offer for your house, just click the button below:

The Most Reputable Home Buying Company In California

We are the best home buying company in California that can offer you the highest fair market value anywhere in Southern California, no matter the condition of your house. We live up to our promises and we do what we say we are going to do. Our team is honest, straightforward, and committed to helping you make the best decision in regards to how you want to sell your house. Our reputation as home buyers is based on character and we’re accountable for everything we do. We’re a local real estate investment firm and we’re dedicated to giving back to our communities and neighborhoods. We always treat our customers fairly and strive to do the right thing by them – and for them.

If you have a house for sale and are in need of a serious team that will do their best to give you the maximum possible offer, it costs you literally nothing to have us give you a no-obligation-to-accept, all-cash offer for your house. Remember our services are 100% FREE!

We are a fully registered and compliant best home buying company in accordance with all the statutes and limitations in the State of California. If you feel like we are the team you want to work with, we promise not to let you down or waste your time.

We Are A BBB Accredited Business

Our Core Values: This is What We Stand For

  1. Do the right thing.
    • Help people first
    • Leave people and situations better than when you found them.
    • People over profit
    • Sometimes the right thing is hard and expensive, do it anyway.
    • Have respect, patience and compassion for people.
  1. Do what you say.
    • We are reliable
    • We are trustworthy
    • Our word means everything.
  1. Extreme Ownership.
    • Diligent
    • Detail-oriented
    • Anticipate issues before they happen
    • Hungry for achievement
    • Never blame, complain or make excuses.
    • Don’t focus on problems, focus on solutions
    1. Positive Attitude.
      • We love teamwork
      • Never “not my job”
      • We like to have fun
      • Don’t take it too seriously
      • Counterbalance
      • We are focused on solutions.
      • We make it happen (even when others doubt)
      • We lift each other up (not tear each other down)
      • We are humble but we are confident.
    1. Reputation through character.
      • Uncommon integrity.
      • We are transparent, upfront, and honest.
      • Your Reputation is irrelevant if it isn’t true.
      • Honest when others might not be.
      • We build a rep not through “talk” but by  our actions i.e. character

    Our Mission

    Solving problems for homeowners with a simple no-hassle process while emphasizing high integrity and exceptional customer service.

    Our Promise

    Operating under a unique standard for home sales, John Medina Buys Houses prioritizes transforming your life with a simple process. Our team, characterized by honesty, transparency, and empathy, caters to various situations. We pledge an effortless home sale tailored to your conditions.

    We Are The Best Home Buying Company Near You. Who Knows, Maybe One Of Our Projects Are In Your Neighborhood. Take A Look At Some Of Our Recent Work…

    We buy homes quickly and flipped over 70 houses. We have the expertise and the skills to give you a fair and generous offer on your house.

    Do We Sound Like a Cold & Boring Corporation?

    We hope not! We are regular people just like you. We are real, we have feelings, we care, and no matter what, we always try to have fun! (What is the point otherwise?) 

    However, this doesn’t mean we are not serious about our performance, our reputation or our business models. We are VERY serious about our image and reputation as a real estate investing company that is at the forefront of performance. We are the ones who buy for cash – the company that brings you the best value to our customers by any means possible!

    California’s Leading Express HomeBuyers That Purchase Homes For Cash

    We offer cash for properties throughout Los Angeles. We require no loans or approval from financial institutions, giving us the advantage of being able to deliver your money FAST, before the close date. We can quickly buy a house that needs major repairs or is in such bad shape that the conventional house buyer is not interested or can’t get bank approval to finance the purchase. We eliminate the long periods of time it takes to close a property in California.

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