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Sell My Home Quick Without a Realtor, As-is, In Cash

We buy houses California in any condition. No cleaning, zero fees, no repairs, no commissions.

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Get Your Quick Cash Offer With No Obligation At All, Started Now!


No matter where you are in Los Angeles, California, we will buy your property at the best price. 

We Buy Houses in  California For Cash

Sell My House Fast And Pay Zero Realtors Fees, No Clean Up or Costly Repairs, 100% FREE. See How Our Cash Home Buyer Process Works!

We buy houses in Los Angeles, California so you don’t have to go through the hassle of prepping your home, looking for a realtor, putting it on the market, and waiting for buyers to offer a price. Right here, you can sell your house fast, and everything is 100% free.

Why Pay Agent Fees?

Remember, everything here is 100% on us, so you don’t need to worry about any obligations or feel pressure to accept our offer. Our only goal is to give you the option to sell your house hassle-free. 

Who Are We?

Before trusting us with your house, it’s only right to get to know us. 

Our names are John and Yvette Medina and we are local property buyers that have a passion for fixing and flipping properties in Los Angeles, California. As flippers, we have obtained extensive experience in the real estate business, and we’ve been buying houses in the surrounding areas for a decade now. 

Since 2013, we have purchases homes like yours in all conditions. We help people with unique circumstances just like yours all the time.

As of 2021, our company has expanded outside of Los Angeles. Now, we offer services to homeowners everywhere in the state of California. We’re more than happy to offer you tried and tested solutions so you can sell your property, faster, easier, and more stress-free. 

We emphasize customer service and want to make sure you’re 100% satisfied with our services.  

In 2015, we were accredited by the Better Business Bureau, which means that we have met the accreditation standards to commit our services to resolving customer issues. We guarantee that we are a brand that you can trust and rely on to take care of your property.We specialize in working closely with homeowners to provide exceptional customer service based on our main beliefs.

Opting to work with John’s group was a decision I don’t regret; they made the process of selling a breeze. Even though I was approached by three potential investors, I found the best chemistry with John’s team, whose professionalism was unparalleled. The cash sale facilitated my move out of state, and choosing their company was a decision I’m proud of. I cannot stress enough how strongly I’d recommend their services to anyone considering a quick, cash-based property sale

Dave W. from Los Angeles, CA

People Love Working With Us!

Viewsome video reviews from our happy clients talking abou the why they sold their properties to John Medina Buys Houses.

” You came out as friendly as you can be, but honest…”

“We needed a quick transaction … that’s why we contacted John Medina”

“I kept looking to see if I could find anything about you that was bad… and I couldn’t!”

“He’s a man of his convictions. Old School Style, really put me at ease”

How Can I Sell My Home Quick In California?

Want to know more about how we do it? Take a look at our simple and effective three-step process below. 

Fill Out Our Online Form

First things first, reach out to us. When you visit our website, make sure to fill out our short online form and include all the essential details, such as your name, address, and contact information. Alternatively, you can also call us at (310) 928-9688 to learn more about our services and share your information with us. From there, we’ll handle everything else and get the process going.

 Get an Instant Cash Offer

Once we’ve received your request for a cash offer, we’ll get back to you and schedule a convenient time to inspect your house. We’ll do a thorough walkthrough to gauge the condition of your house and provide you with a fair and competitive price. 

Keep in mind that this is not a showing. You don’t need to decorate, clean up, or repair your home before our visit. We are more than happy to buy your property in whatever condition it may be, good or bad


Get Paid Instantly

If you’re happy with our offer, we can set up a closing date at your next available time and you will receive your payment then. It’s as simple as that!

We Provide Practical Solutions at the Best Price

As a lucrative industry, the competition in real estate is stiff. While other companies also specialize in buying properties, none of them can offer the prices we do. Many homebuyers in California will give you a lowball offer, especially if your property is not up to par (e.g., it needs repairs, it’s outdated, or it’s far away from the center).

When we buy your house, our primary focus is to provide you with a life-altering solution, while ensuring a fair, fast, and simple process.
Living in the area for as long as we have, we have seen our local community grow and evolve. By buying your house, we want to be part of our city’s ongoing change. We want to create a better community and make everyone feel at home. Ultimately, that’s the reason why we want to work with you.

Together, we can elevate our surroundings to new heights.

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“We wanted to thank you again for making a very uncomfortable situation possible to deal with. You have been a blessing to us! We took very few things out and officially walked away. Thanks again.”

Nancy & Rowen T. from Gardena

No Matter the Reason for Selling Your House We’ll Buy It for Cash!

You Want an Easy Sale

You Inherited a Home

Your Property Needs Too Much Work

Elderly in Need of Assisted Living

Want to Relocate

You’re Tired of Being a Landlord – Time for a quick home sale in Los Angeles.

You Need Debt Relief

Avoiding Foreclosure

Sell Your Home Quick And Forget About Junk, Cleaning or Repairs!

When we say “We Buy Houses In Los Angeles As Is”, that’s exactly what we mean, AS-IS, in ANY possible condition! Take anything you still want & we will take care of everything else! Yup, that is 100% correct, refrigerator food dirty clothes and floors, trash and damaged furniture. No matter how bad things are its no problem. We will buy your home for cash quick in any area of Southern CA, in all conditions.

An Easier Way to Sell My House Fast

Selling your home is a big decision you need to make, so it’s OK if you have some initial hesitancy. If you want to sell your house but are not 100% sure if it’s the right move, here are some things to to keep in mind. 

Offer a Quick Solution

After conducting a comprehensive assessment of your home, we’re prepared to present you with a proposal. We’ll demonstrate our transparent process of offer calculation for your understanding. Remember, you’re under no pressure whatsoever to accept

Simple 1-Page Agreement

While many deals bury undisclosed conditions in a sea of documents, our contract is refreshingly straightforward—just one page of easily comprehensible stipulations.

Done with Local Escrow Company

Your peace of mind is our priority; hence, the complete transaction is facilitated via a trustworthy local escrow company, ensuring your security throughout the process. To further streamline things, we provide the added convenience of visiting you for the signing of all necessary documentation, ultimately expediting your payment.

Reliable Cash Buyers

Our reputation for dependability and credibility wasn’t achieved overnight; we’ve put in considerable effort to distinguish ourselves in this field. When the time comes to expedite the sale of your home, you want a partner who not only has a track record of successful transactions but also ensures fairness in every deal.

Proof of Cash is Available

Not every prospective buyer possesses the necessary financial capacity to acquire your property. However, we’re equipped to provide a demonstrable proof of funds, which is a solid assurance of our financial readiness to buy your home.

Zero Cleaning Needed

Should you find yourself dealing with clutter left by previous occupants or a plethora of personal items accumulated over the years, there’s no cause for concern. Feel free to leave it all behind; we’ll handle the cleanup for you.

Move Stress Free

One of the main anxieties related to relocating stems from uncertainty – the fear of a deal collapsing or the challenge of synchronizing the sale of your old place with securing a new one. Our aim is to mitigate these worries. We collaborate closely with you to secure a closing date that perfectly aligns with your schedule.

We Will Try Beating Any Other Offer

We’re committed to presenting you with the most competitive offers in the market. Our assurance lies in our ability to either meet or surpass any cash offer you’ve previously received, and we’ll certainly strive to do so!

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People Love Us, and So Will You

We Offer A Better Home Selling Experience

“I owned a home that I could not afford. It had been well lived in and I didn’t have the money to keep up with repairs. I had acquired a loan to fix it up and sell it, only to have no nibbles for it. I knew it was partially the neighborhood and the market when I had it up for sale. All it really did was get me a loan payment and a rundown house.”

I am not a real estate knowledgeable type of person, but after John called back and we agreed on the price I had asked for, it was really quite simple and FAST!! With John and the escrow people he works with, and I do mean WITH, they made it pretty smooth, and within a few days (ABOUT 10!), THE WHOLE DEAL WAS DONE!

The service was GREAT! From mailing, faxing, delivering. Even coming to my house to have papers signed, they were with me every inch of the way. I am still THANKING them!!!

Al Ramirez from Torrance

Benefits of Selling Your House With John Medina Buys Houses?

At this point, you may be wondering: of all the options available to you, why should you sell your house to John Medina Buys Houses? 

Unlike other companies, we set a different standard for buying and selling houses. More than the profits, we are focused on your greater good. We want to help you achieve your goals in the easiest and fastest way possible. If you’re ready to take this next step, we are a brand you can trust and rely on. 

Take a look at some benefits of partnering with us.

We Promote Transparency

When you reach out to us, we’ll do a quick walkthrough of your house and calculate a fair and competitive price. We promote total transparency and will walk you through how we came up with a final amount in detail.

We Have a Simple One Page Agreement

No one wants to deal with a lengthy agreement that only confuses and overwhelms you. With us, all you need to do is read a one-pager of simple-to-understand terms. There are no hidden clauses or agendas. Everything is out in the open. 

We Collaborate With a Local Escrow Company

We want to reassure you that our transaction is safe and reliable. That’s why we will collaborate with a local escrow company to legitimize everything from start to finish. 

We Provide Proof of Funds

In this industry, it can be easy to get scammed because some buyers won’t show proof of funds. Not with us, we’ll show you our proof of funds so you know we are the real deal. 

We Reduce the Stress of Moving

Part of the moving process is dealing with escrow and finding a new place to stay. This, of course, is a stressful time for you, so we’ll lend a helping hand as much as we can so you don’t have to bear the brunt of moving.


Check Out Our Amazing Reviews

Soooo Many People CAN’T Be Wrong

Everything 100% FREE. No Obligation to Accept.

You Can Always Say “NO”.

Need To Sell My House Fast in California

The John Medina Buys Houses team has helped people sell homes for cash in Los Angeles County since 2013. We have bought 100’s houses and counting, from distressed homeowners just like your family. Our goal is to give you the best experience possible to  sell your LA houses fast, easyr, and pain-free.  We buy houses in Bellflower, CA and we have also bought properties in Harbor City, CA. We now buy houses for cash in any California area, in any condition. Whether it needs work in Huntington Park, California, a really nice house in Montebello, or a beautiful home in the Bay Area, we will buy it!

YES! I’m Ready To Sell My House in California

With all that said and done, get answers to questions or there’s only one thing left to do before we complete the sale. You need to fill out our forms or give us a call at 310-928-9688. We can’t wait to help you move on to the next chapter of your life because we buy houses California!

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