Kevin and his wife had inherited his long-time family home in Los Angeles, while he and his wife were living in Tennessee. After a long discussion, the couple and their children decided it was best to sell the house, as-is, for cash to John Medina Buys Houses. We closed on Kevin’s Los Angeles-area house in October 2020. We asked him about the experience he had with us!

Why Did Kevin Sell a House to John Medina Buys Houses?

What made him initially consider going with us?

Why did he sell his house to us, a home buying company (real estate investor), rather than going the traditional route and selling with a real estate agent?

Why did he want to sell his house off-market?

“Honestly, the kids just didn’t want to deal with the whole hassle of everything. You know, getting it ready, getting it up to par, selling it, waiting for the sale and then the money…. things like that,” he said.

And, according to Kevin, his wife actually picked John Medina Buys Houses because we made a good first impression on her! There were two or three other people who approached the couple (about buying their property for cash), but Kevin’s wife didn’t like them. “She said she didn’t like the vibe, and that’s why she went with you,” said Kevin.

While we were able to close on the purchase of Kevin’s long-time LA-area family home purchase easily, like with many buying agreements, there were a few hiccups along the way, which can happen from time to time. But due to having the right processes in place, our team can always overcome any type of “hiccup” and always ensure a successful transaction.

John Medina Buys Houses: Always on Top of It!

When we asked Kevin to describe his overall experience, as well as the overall outcome of the sale of his home to us, he said, “I am! Y’all kept in touch, if there were any questions or anything that we need to talk about or discuss, you were always on it. We didn’t have to wait for days on end to get an answer. That was awesome.”

Kevin also said that he would always recommend John Medina Buys Houses. “Yeah, like I said y’all worked as fast as you could, answered all the questions I needed answered. You were on top of it!”

When we asked him if he was happy to start the next chapter, he went on to say, “there are good things and bad things. There’s a lot of history here (in California, Los Angeles), but other than that, it’s better to get this out from under us and move on to the next part (of life)!”

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