Jackie Can’t Say Enough About Her Experience With John Medina Buys Houses!

Jun 15, 2021 | Client Success Stories

Jackie wanted out of California!

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Upon finding John Medina Buys Houses, Jackie never thought she’d leave, but she and her husband finally decided to make the move. However, in order to sell their home for the right price, they knew they had to make some repairs before they could put it on the market.

Roadblocks to Selling on the Market

Jackie just couldn’t get contractors to even look at the work that was needed to be done on the house in the first place. How could they even put it on the market? Upon frustration, she and her husband threw their hands up and said, “What are we doing? Let’s find someone to buy it as-is.”

Sell the House As-Is

Upon searching for “companies that buy houses” on the Internet, Jackie called three or four different ones and got 3 or 4 different bids. Then she called John Medina Buys Houses.

She couldn’t believe the friendly approach she got upon calling the acquisition team. “Wholly cow you came out as friendly as can be, but honest.”

Jackie said she didn’t feel as if she was being sold to—even before John Medina’s Home Buying Specialist, Ricky Magana, was able to give her an offer that far exceeded any of the other offers: $15,000 above what the other highest offer. “I felt really good about it,” she said. “You should make me your cheerleader!”

Great Service, Quick Close

“I was shocked,” Jackie said, in regard to high level of customer service John Medina Buys Houses offered her and husband. Above all, she just couldn’t believe how fast the entire sale process was and how fast the company was able to close on her property, as well as how fast the money was wired into her bank account. Upon approving the sale contract, Jackie said, “The money was in my account the next day!”

John Medina Buys Houses – The Way to Go

When asked if she recommend the company, Jackie said, “I would absolutely have them call John Medina Buys Houses” In fact, she already has a neighbor, three doors down, she says who is already convinced that John Medina Buys Houses is the way to go.

Jackie is also a big believer in doing her research and due diligence before hiring anyone or buying anything. She also engages in reviewing companies and products on these sites. So, when she read the great reviews about John Medina Buys Houses, which, as Jackie mentioned, is always important to her when making choices about companies and products.

Watch Jackie’s complete interview video!

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