How to Sell Your Property in a Week Guide

Are you eager to sell your house fast? Do you want to sell it by next week and have that fast cash in your hand?

It’s not an easy task to sell that quickly but we have created a how to sell your property in a week guide for you to help you do just that!

So, what does the how to sell your property in a week guide look like?

Six Simple Steps:

  1. Do research
  2. Declutter & create a blank canvas
  3. Lower the asking price
  4. Time it right
  5. Complete a house inspection
  6. Offer an incentive
The Six Steps on How to Sell Your Property in a Week Guide:

If you’re looking to relocate, your house is about to repossessed, you inherited a house, you’re getting a divorce or you just need fast cash this how to sell your property in a week guide is just for you!

I know, it seems almost impossible to put a house on the market and sell it so fast. This guide isn’t a guarantee but if you follow the below six steps, it will go fast!

1. Do Research

The first step is to do research. Do research and gather information about your property that can be used to advertise your property and make it more attractive to buyers.

  • Examples of things to look into:
    • Perks of the area
    • The transportation system
    • Shopping centers
    • School districts
    • Community benefits

Think about what may be important to potential buyers.

2. Declutter & Create a blank canvas

Essentially step three is to turnover the house so that it is no longer yours but your potential buyers.

In order to sell your house fast, you need it to look and feel the best to the potential buyers in the area.

  • Things to consider:
    • Clean the house from top to bottom
    • Remove trinkets and personal items
    • Clean up the outdoor landscaping
    • Create simple, clean and minimalist living spaces

The decluttering will allow you to create a blank canvas.

Why is this important?

When a potential buyer walks into your house you want them to see themselves living there. For many, it is difficult to see past the clutter and personal items so they will not put in an offer.

The outdoor space is just as important as the indoor space. The potential buyer’s first impression is walking up to the front of the house, don’t forget to be sure it looks great!

3. Lower the asking price

Lowering the asking price is the most important step in the how to sell your property in a week guide!

If your asking price is not set right, you will not receive any offers.

It is recommended to start low.


If you start low, you are more likely to receive more offers. The more offers you receive the more likely you are to start a bidding war and get above the asking price.

An easy way to figure out where to start your asking price is to look at similar properties in your area and their asking prices. This will help you come to a competitive low asking price.

4. Time it right

Although step three may be the most important step in how to sell your property in a week guide, this one is a close second!

If you time putting your house on the market just right, it makes selling your house in a week that much easier.

Take into consideration the season, Fall tends to be a season which homes are more likely to be bought faster.

If you don’t have an option on timing, consider starting with step three and lowering even further if needed.

5. Get your house inspected

Most potential buyers will ask for a house inspection before closing on their offer. Get ahead of it and get an inspection first!

This will make your house event more attractive to potential buyers as it skips a step for them.

Try this:

Use the internet via photos, videos and/or virtual tours to help potential buyers see the house without having to physically see it too.

6. Offer an incentive

The last step in the how to sell your property in a week guide is to offer your potential buyers an incentive.

By offering an incentive, your potential buyers feel they are getting more for their money.

  • Examples:
    • Add credit to cover part of their closing costs
    • Offer that the house comes with certain items of furniture
    • Include a fully equipped kitchen and leave your kitchen appliances

This step isn’t necessarily mandatory to get your house to sell in a week but it can be a nice added benefit to your potential buyers that may make the difference between an offer and thinking about it.

Those are the six steps in the how to sell your property in a week guide! We hope you find them helpful.

Keep in mind that these steps need to happen before you put your house on the market!

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