How to Sell a House Quickly in this Market?

Sep 10, 2017 | Get Cash for House, Los Angeles real estate, Real Estate Articles, Sellers

How to Sell a House Quickly in this Market?

The current status of the real estate market has made homeowners ask the question of how to sell a house quickly in this market.

There are several ways to help understand how to sell a house quickly in this market and we have compiled a list for you!

Below we will walk you through 8 steps on how to sell a house quickly in this market:

  1. The price must be right
  2. Offers should have a deadline
  3. Find an investor
  4. Include incentives in your advertising
  5. Opt for a development sale
  6. Guaranteed sales advertisements are a NO
  7. In house advertisement
  8. Time
How to Sell a House Quickly in this Market?

In general it can take up to two months to sell your house but in some circumstances it can take even longer!

So, let’s take a look at how to sell a house quickly in this market:

1. The price must be just right

It seems obvious to price it correctly, but what exactly is the right price?

Take into account selling prices of similar properties in your area. Be open to setting your initial price modestly – this may mean below the actual value.


In order to sell a house quickly you will want to attract several offers.

The more offers you receive the faster the sale. And, it can initiate a bidding war which can allow you to get more than what you had initially priced.

2. Offers should have a deadline

When you advertise your property is for sure, clearly indicate the last date you will be accepting offers.


Most buyers will respond quicker when there is a deadline date for accepting offers.

Important Note:

Do be mindful of disclosing why you need to sell the house quickly. There is the potential that buyers will take advantage of it and come in with lower offers.

3. Find an investor

Investors are often the ideal buyer in a scenario when you want to sell your house quickly.

Investors, like flippers, buy houses for cash and the process is guaranteed to be quick and easy. It also allows you to not have to spend money on home repairs as they will buy the house as is.


There is a downside to investors, specifically flippers. It is possible they will offer a below market price for your home. Like any sale, the more investors the easier it is to get into a bidding war.

4. Include incentives in your advertising

Who doesn’t love feeling like they’re getting things for free?

If you offer incentives to potential buyers, it may increase your odds of getting an offer and fast. It’s an easy step on how to sell a house quickly in this market!

Some incentives to consider, especially if you’re relocating, may be to leave some of your furniture or appliances.

For example:

The house comes with full kitchen appliances, etc.

5. Opt for a development sale

Developers buy with the goal of tearing down the current house and rebuilding on the property.

Developers will buy your house for the land value but not take into account the value of the house as they will be tearing it down.

This is an option to consider if your home is not in the greatest conditions.

6. Guaranteed sales advertisements are a NO

You may often come across signs or advertisements from companies claiming that should they fail to sell your home within 30 days, they will buy it.

This is a scam.

The goal of the company is to be able to buy your house at the lowest possible market price. Avoid these.

7. In house advertisement

Before placing your house on the market, talk to your neighbors, friends and family.


In some circumstances you might find that someone you know or they know may want to buy your house.

This process cuts out the advertisement fees you would otherwise have to pay by putting your house on the market.

8. Time

The last tip on how to sell your house quickly in this market is to understand the additional time you will need to be available for potential buyers and viewings.

Your flexibility is a key factor in speeding up the process. The more you are available, the quicker the buyer can be ready to purchase.

We hope these 8 things help you understand how to sell your house quickly in this market!

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