We Really Appreciate John Medina Buys Houses’ Caring People and Professional Service!

Jan 10, 2022 | Case Studies, Client Success Stories

We closed on Sarah and Carol’s property in August 2021. John Medina Buys Houses home buying specialist, Ricky Magana asked the daughter and mother to recap their experience as to why they considered going the route of selling the family’s house for cash in the first place.

“Sarah actually found you guys, but our issue was the house definitely needed some repairs and you know we didn’t really have the money to do the repairs and then be able to sell the house,” Carol said. “She actually found you guys, because someone recommended John Medina at her work. Then she actually started talking to Peggy (in the office) and then from there we just worked with you guys!”

The family started the conversation with the JMBH team, but our home buying process took longer than expected due to a probate situation that suddenly fell into the mix. “It was just helpful to know that you guys helped with all the probate stuff and that we didn’t have to worry about too much,” Carol explained. “It just kind of went smoothly when we were already having a hard time with the house and then all the illnesses happen so it’s just nice to know that that was at least taken care of. That we were going to be safe and have money and be okay going forward.”

“One thing I thought was of course is that it’s a business!” Carol said, referring to John Medina Buys Houses. “Everybody’s in business, you know, that’s the reality. But there definitely is a genuine sense that you guys do care about the people that you’re dealing with! I mean Peggy was wonderful. She called to see how we were doing and then you know we did have the other situation!”

Carol became ill as the JMBH team continued to work with them through the probate period that happened, unfortunately, because Sarah’s father was also very ill and did pass away during that time. “When we had started this whole process, so you know just a lot of stuff going on and it was Peggy who would just call to see how to use her terminology, ‘How are you girls doing?’” Sarah said.

“It was kind of her because there wasn’t anything in it for her and we were already starting the process!” Sarah got the impression that Peggy, John Medina Buys Houses acquisitions manager, was calling because she was concerned about how Carol and Sarah, as well as Sarah’s young son, were doing as they continued to fight to keep their home.

“After we got going, I think because of the death, you know, everything that was going on even speaking to John Medina himself on the phone. He couldn’t have been kinder and seemed sensitive to what we were going through!” Carol exclaimed.

Upon accepting our final offer, once the probate situation was completed, Carol felt she was treated fairly price-wise by John Medina Buys Houses. “You know, I would definitely feel comfortable recommending John Medina to someone who was looking for this type of an avenue to take,” she said.

Ricky asked Carol and Sarah if someone was in this situation or a similar situation and they come across John Medina Buys Houses, would they recommend the company? “Well it’s funny you should say that Ricky because actually, I have said to people who have said ‘oh you sold your house?’ and I tell them well you know I sold to an investor,” said Carol. “And then they kind of give you that look, and I say no, no not like those guys you see on TV! This is a really quality company.”

Carol explained that John Medina Buys Houses is not like “those guys on TV that are just showing you the beat-up house.” Carol told Magana that she tells everyone how professional the company is and that through the process, she and her daughter never felt as if John Medina Buys Houses was, as she said, “taking a really junk home off of our hands.”

According to Sarah, “You guys were respectful, and even though we had fallen on hard times, you guys were always respectful that that was our home and it meant something to us!”

Ricky Magana closed the conversation out by saying, “It was a pleasure to work with you guys, and thank you. It’s always so nice, when we’re working with somebody, to feel like they’ve bequeathed their home to us.” In other words, John Medina Buys Houses is about lifting people up when purchasing a house from them.

“It feels like they chose us as much as we chose to work with you them,” Magana stated. “And you guys did seem like you weren’t just going to pick anybody so, we felt like you know it was a really good win-win transaction for both of us. And we’re glad that it worked out and hope you guys move out of state and onto your next chapter,” he said.

“Well, we definitely recommend and really appreciate John Medina Buy’s Houses’ caring professional service,” Carol concluded.

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