Sell a house for cash with a quick closing process? Never in their wildest dreams did they actually think that was a possibility. Darryl had been retired for 15 years so when Liz was able to retire five years earlier than they had anticipated, they realized it was time to quickly sell their California home for cash to move to their new dream home out of state sooner than later.

Their family home was their steppingstone to that reality, and they were finally able to do so by having the ability to sell their home quickly, quietly, and cost-effectively to John Medina Buys Houses.

When You Sell a House for Cash It’s an Easy Process!

The California couple initially received an informational postcard from us. They liked the way we approached them about buying their home for cash. Darryl said he found our mailer to be the most honest out of all that he had received (about fifteen in all total). They both found our postcard to really “put them at ease” as far as how we do business in the home buying industry.

“After I met John,” Darryl said, “I could tell he was raised properly— old-school style, a lot like me!”

The couple was relieved to have decided to actually sell a house for cash so that they could move to their new dream home out of state.

Why did Darryl and Liz Sell Their House for Cash?

They did not want to have to incur the cost of a realtor to sell the traditional way. Which also meant fixing the house up and laying out even more cash to get the highest market value price. When it came down to it, it was going to be a wash so selling for cash made a lot of sense.

The process around the “sell a house for cash” offer was quick and so easy, and they were very happy with how the process flowed along.

“It’s everything John said it would be!” Liz commented. When it was all said and done, Darryl and Liz were able to finally retire completely and make their move out of California once and for all.

Sell a House of Cash is a Reality. John Medina Buys Houses is Trustworthy!

We asked them If someone was in their situation and asked you for a recommendation (for a home buying company) what would you tell them, they both said, “We would want them to use John. He is very trustworthy!”

“This was a very easy deal, Darryl said. “And he says what he says he’ll do,” Liz added. “What he promises he does. He’s a good guy!”

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