Are you facing home foreclosure? Did you inherit a home that you do not need? Are you facing a financial emergency and need cash fast from your home?

It is not out of the question to come across scenarios that force us to sell homes quickly.

Aside from that, the standard home selling process is lengthy and complicated, something that forces people to stick to homes they do not need.

Here at John Medina Buys Houses, we offer you a fast and straightforward way to sell your house.

We have a new way of handling homes and will help you to sell house fast Long Beach. Read on and find out more;

You should be wondering how we can help you to sell house fast Long Beach when the regular procedures are lengthy and full of uncertainty?

We can attain this through our process that is somewhat different from what you are used to.

We eliminate the middleman in the transaction and by contacting us, you get to deal with the buyer directly.

It all begins when you express your desire to sell a home. You can do this by calling us or filling a form on our site.

This form prompts you for the address of the house and your contact details. This information is required to kickstart the process.

We will get back to you once we get the information. We will consult you to agree on a suitable date and time when we can visit the home.

Note that we do not conduct thorough checks on the house but only need a rough idea of the prevalent condition to help us come with a proper offer.

The offer will be presented to you after the valuation, and you are not obliged to accept it.

Most of our clients make offers with no hesitation owing to how fast we move and the way we make things simple for our clients.

We are not all that rigid, and if you feel that the offer needs a few adjustments, present your argument to us, and we will adjust it accordingly.

Our offers are very fair and are meant to create a win-win situation for both parties.

After taking the offer, we proceed and finalize the closing procedures. These entail the legal requirements needed to transfer the title of the property from your name to that of our company.

This can take a few days, but do not worry as we will handle everything including the costs associated.

Once everything is complete, we will call you to come and pick the entire amount indicated on the offer.

Our process of buying homes from sellers who find it hard to follow the traditional methods has been explained above.

It is fast, stress-free, and at the end of it all, you get the money for your home in cash and no single cent less. If you still want to sell a house, contact us, and we will be glad to write you an offer.

Get Your No Obligation Offer in 24 Hours or Less!

Give us a call at (310) 928-9688 or fill out our form to get started.