Mistakes to Avoid When Selling a Home in Long Beach

Oct 19, 2021 | Home Selling Insights, House Selling, Sellers, Uncategorized

In the Long Beach real estate market there are three types of sellers: Those who want to sell their homes, those who need to sell their homes, and those who have to sell their homes.

If you’re facing foreclosure, you are definitely in category #3. That’s because once a home goes through the foreclosure process, you no longer own it. It belongs to the bank, who will soon be auctioning it off to the highest bidder. But if you can find a way to sell your Long Beach home before the auction, the foreclosure process is halted. You want to sell your Long Beach home fast. The secret is to know the mistakes to avoid when selling a home in Long Beach.

A Long Beach home that is properly priced, marketed, and showcased can sell within 30 days. In a hot real estate market like Southern California, it can sell even quicker. This is great news if the goal is selling your home fast. Homeowners, however, sometimes make the mistake of trying to list, show, and sell their Long Beach home “as-is.”

Dirty floors, chipped paint, weeds in the yard, and a green pool are easy fixes that many sellers ignore (and it costs them). Some people believe that every day spent prepping a home puts you one day further from selling it. But this line of thinking is incorrect–even if you want to sell your home fast. Taking the necessary steps to get your home ready before listing it actually makes it sell faster (and oftentimes for more money).

Here are five things you can do to sell your house quickly in Long Beach:


Looking for a quick house sale in Long Beach? Have it staged like a model home. A staged home is one that has been professionally furnished and decorated to look more appealing, attract more buyers, and sell quicker. The staging company places their furniture and décor in your home until the house sells. But does it work? According to The National Association of Realtors, staged homes sell 88% faster than non-staged homes.

There’s also an option called virtual staging, a budget-friendly way to fill an empty home with computer-generated furniture that looks fantastic in your online photos. If you’re wondering what to do with your own furniture while your home is being staged, we can help you make arrangements. For guidance on reputable home staging companies, and to learn how to market your home to sell fast, contact our real estate professionals here.


Want to sell your Long Beach home fast? Photos make a difference. According to the Center for Realtor Development, a home with one photo spends an average 70 days on the market, but a home with 20 photos spends 32 days on the market. Buyers want to see not just the street view, but also the interior and backyard. Know this: 94% of home buyers begin their search online.

A listing without lots of pictures looks like you’re hiding something. This hurts your chances of selling your home fast. Additionally, homes marketed with drone photography sell 68% faster than homes without. Need a good photographer? We can help. Click here.


Even in Long Beach, a dirty house screams “neglect.” In the buyer’s mind, if you don’t care enough to clean it you probably don’t maintain it, either. Aside from the obvious items to clean, like sinks, toilets, and tubs, there’s also places we don’t normally consider, such as scuffed up baseboards, or the inside of your microwave. Invest a few hours with a sponge, a vacuum cleaner, and a mop. It costs nothing and could be the difference between a home that sits and a home that sells quickly.


All days are not created equal. According to Redfin, homes listed on a Thursday sell an average of 5 days faster. They attribute this to homebuyers beginning their home search on Thursday before heading into a weekend of open house tours. Bottom line: if that’s the day they’re looking, that’s the day you should be listing. For help with the timing of your listing, contact our professional agents here.


Homeowners often make the mistake of overpricing their homes (with the intention of negotiating down). But selling a home priced at or below market value will be much more appealing to buyers. It will also attract more potential buyers, especially at the cut-off points. For example, home buyers often set a budget ceiling rounded to the nearest one-hundred thousand. So, if you list your home at $405,000 you might miss out on buyers who have a ceiling of $400,000. Instead, price your home at $399,000 and you’ll be casting a wider net to capture those potential buyers. Our experienced real estate agents can help you create a fast selling strategy to get your home sold fast. Contact us here.

You get three opportunities to “wow” each buyer who tours your home: The online listing, the curb appeal, and the interior tour. And each opportunity drives the next one. A strong online listing with good photos brings buyers to your home. A home with good curb appeal brings buyers inside your home. And a home that shows well increases your chances of getting an offer. That’s why it’s important to at least do some basic cleaning and prep, especially when the goal is to sell your Long Beach house quickly.

If you simply do not have the time, money, or energy to get your home in tip-top shape, or feel the repairs needed on your home are more than you can handle, no worries. We can make you a cash offer with a super-fast closing and no realtor fees. We do it all the time for homeowners in Long Beach who have to sell their homes quickly. If you’re ready to walk away from that big mortgage payment and sell your house quickly, contact us here.

John Medina specializes in helping homeowners in Long Beach sell their homes fast at the best cash offer with no realtor fees.

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