When you and your tenant reach an agreement and sign the lease, you hope you have signed on to a happy, healthy relationship throughout their stay.

All relationships hit a bumpy road at some point and as a landlord, you should be prepared for them.

The road bumps include:

  • Tenants fail to comply with rules and regulations
  • Tenants fail to move in on time
  • Tenants refuse to leave
  • Tenants damage the property

These are just a few landlord problems with tenants but are not all.

Owning property can be considered a great investment. Turning that investment property into a rental property can be even more beneficial.

The benefits may be higher but being an owner is a different concept than being a landlord.

As an owner, living on your property, you are able to personally account for your property at all times. As a landlord, you become an active business owner and take on the responsibility of any issues that may arise when you have tenants.

Before becoming a landlord, we suggest taking a look at the top landlord problems with tenants below.

This list will help you prepare for these issues and understand how you will go forward if they happen.

Landlord Problems with Tenants

Failure to Move-In

It seems simple, you and the tenant have signed the dotted line and the tenant is scheduled to move-in and begin their lease at your property.

However, you may run into the problem that the tenant unexpectedly fails to move in. The reason may be that they decided they cannot afford the agreement or you may be left without any reason at all.

Failure to Comply with Rules and Regulations

Although the leasing contract states several rules and regulations on what the tenant can and cannot do while they are staying at your property, they may still go against them.

For example:

The lease may state that there is no painting or decorating without prior consent. It is highly probable that tenants may go against this rule.

Unauthorized Property Use

Landlord problems with tenants can also extend to unauthorized use of the property.

Some examples:

  • Selling and/or making drugs
  • Fixing cars (changing oil, wheels, other mechanical work, etc.)
  • Using the backyard as a bar

Failure to Act

Your rules and regulations may include certain tenant responsibilities of the property such as taking out the trash, mowing the lawn and/or trimming the shrubs.

Be prepared and understand how you would handle the situation if the tenant fails to complete these acts.

As a landlord you hope to put in all the right processes to ensure a great relationship with each of your tenants. And, although you hope for the best you should be prepared for the worse.

Landlord Problems with Tenants


The above items are just a few common landlord problems with tenants that you should be aware of and prepared for.

No matter what the situation is, it is best to always remain calm and find the most rational and effective way to resolve the issue.

The best way to prepare yourself for these instances is to create a policy. This policy should clearly state the “dos and don’ts” that your tenant should follow.

It is critical that your tenant signs the policy as proof of receipt. This ensures that should the tenant act against it you have substantial proof that the tenant was aware of the rules and regulations.


If your tenant doesn’t comply with any of the regulations, the violation must be addressed immediately.

If the tenant proves to be difficult and the problems persist, take action. Eviction is usually the last resolution but is the most effective when there is legal documentation such as the signed policy.

Dealing with problem tenants isn’t an easy part of being a landlord and if you’re like many (including myself) you may ultimately decide it isn’t worth the hassle to own a rental.

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