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John Medina Buys Houses News

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Honesty and Transparency is the Best Policy
for John Medina Buys Houses

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For Immediate Release
Contact: Laurie Pehar Borsh 818-279-1912 (mobile) or laurie@johnmedinabuyshouses.com.

June 2, 2021, San Pedro CA—John Medina Buys Houses wants to change the way many people tend to view “We Buy Houses” companies. They’d like people to think of them as a  “Different Kind of We Buy Houses Company.”

Selling a house on the open market, and for the best price, takes a lot more work than one may think

In order to sell at the best cash offer, a house has to be fully functional. i.e., broken faucets, a leaking roof, or inoperable windows can devalue a home. Enhancing both the curb and interior appeal of a home for sale will also magnify its desirability. Depending on the nature and extent of remodeling or renovation required, a home improvement project can range in cost from several thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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We can buy your Los Angeles house! Call today! (310) 928-9688

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To that end, and in order to attain greater profitability, sellers can minimize these costs by undertaking the repair and renovation work themselves. Common remodeling and renovation projects that can boost a selling quote include upgrading the kitchen cabinets, fitting new countertops, and sprucing up the bathroom by replacing the floors, tub, and fixtures. A fresh coat of paint, new curtains, and even replacing furniture, if needed, are some other ways to beautify the home. In some extreme cases, remodeling or new construction projects include changes to the structure of the house by expanding the living room or upgrading the HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems.

All and all, getting a home ready to go on the market can be more costly than people realize. Especially if a home is older or distressed, If the repairs and or upgrades are not made, then the value of the home will decrease as will the sale price.

An alternative to selling in the traditional manner (on the real estate market), especially if someone is looking to sell quickly and or does not want to have put in any further money into the property (prior to selling), is to sell to a home buying company (or real estate investor) like John Medina Buys Houses.

While many people tend to view “house buying companies” as “scams” or as being “unethical” companies, John Medina Buys Houses would like to set the record straight. President, John Medina was a successful plumbing contractor, for over 20 years, long before he jumped into the “house buying business.” He set out in 2013, to be in that business in order to help people, not to take advantage. Medina does not believe in the blanket approach that so many of his competitors choose to follow.

“There are a lot of home buying specialists that might be in a particular market, especially here in LA, you know the ones that send postcards week after week or calling non-stop, that doesn’t mean they are altogether acceptable. John Medina Buys Houses is a small shop, we work with clients one-to-one. Above We are always honest, and we will always treat our clients like family,” says Medina.

The John Medina Buys Houses team, in fact, the main team consists of John, Ricky, Peggy, Yvette, and Brian, adhere to John’s “Core Values” on a daily basis. Otherwise, John Medina says, “We can’t be successful and that goes for the person who is selling the house to us.”

In fact, It’s in John Medina Buys Houses best interest to price a home with their highest possible offer. Everything is presented in a highly transparent way, this house buying company does not believe in shortcuts.

This is how they do it.

Determine the After Repair Value

The After Repair Value or “ARV” simply means what a house would be worth if it was fixed up or had undergone home improvements. In other words, in tip-top shape. Think HGTV. Based on this value, John Medina Buys Houses determines an offer.

Calculate the Cost of Repairs

This is how much it will cost the company to get a home renovated or to fix and update the house in order to achieve the ARV as mentioned above.

Total up the Selling Costs

Once the home is renovated, it’s time to sell and list it on the market. The company will have to pay agent fees, closing costs, property taxes, holding costs, etc. These are all the fees that the person (who is selling the house to John Medina Buys Houses) does NOT have to pay.

As one of the most experienced cash home buyers in Los Angeles and Orange County, California, John Medina’s usually total is 10% of the selling price.

Factor in the Minimum Profit

John Medina Buys Houses is a business. A business that must make a profit in order to stay business. However, they say they make their best offer to a homeowner for one very important reason. They want every offer they make to be accepted.

“If offers for cash for houses, especially in Los Angeles and Orange County, are insultingly low then no one would accept our offers and we wouldn’t make money, our company will not be profitable,” says John Medina Buys Houses, Home Buying Specialist, Ricky Magana.

Cash Offer Example [Your Offer] = [After Repair Value] – [Cost of Repairs] – [Our Selling Costs] – [Our Minimum Profit] After Repair Value = $600k Cost of Repairs = $50k Our Selling Cost = 10% x $600k = $60k Sample Minimum Profit for the Example Purchase = $40k

“As you can see, we play by the numbers. We are totally transparent and simply add the numbers up trying our best to give the highest possible offer we can make. We want to make sure a seller will be happy, which leads to a contract being signed. Makes sense, doesn’t it?” Magana said.

According to John Medina, “The bottom line is that will be no headaches or stress, no upfront fees or expenses when you sell your house to John Medina Buys Houses. We want the sale to be a win-win for all parties involved. Honesty is our best policy that is for sure.”

For more information on how to sell your home to John Medina Buys Houses, call 310-928-9946 or email to  help@johnmedinabuyshouses.com.

Interested parties can also learn more about the company as well as fill out an inquiry form on the company’s website:  https://johnemdinabuyshouses.com. Upon completing this short form, a representative will contact the person who has submitted the inquiry within 24 hours.