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John Medina Buys Houses News

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Compared to Other Home Buying Companies in California, the John Medina Buys Houses Team Says Improving People’s Lives is Their First Priority

California home buying company, John Medina Buys Houses biggest achievement is its ability to help change the lives of the people they buy from—on either the buying, rehabbing, or selling side of its long-term success.

“As a direct home buying company, improving lives is what drives our business.” – John Medina, Founder

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Contact: Laurie Pehar Borsh 818-279-1912 (mobile) or laurie@johnmedinabuyshouses.com.

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San Pedro/Los Angeles, California July 28, 2021—As a direct home buying company buying homes throughout the state of California, the John Medina Buys Houses team takes pride in improving people’s lives.

Not only the life (or lives) of the person (or people) they purchase a home from, but also improving the lives of the people who purchase a home they have increased value in as well as the lives of all the people who live in the neighborhoods, the company buys in. 

“I want to improve the lives of all the people involved in every home we purchase,” according to John Medina, founder of John Medina Buys Houses“Sometimes the homes are very distressed, and not to the fault of an owner. Most, if not all, of the people who sell to us, have come into hard times and do not have the money to fix or remodel prior to selling. But in any case, the distressed home has also brought down the look and energy of the street/neighborhood. When we are complete with the rehabs, in almost all instances, so many neighbors are inspired, and they feel proud!”


John Medina Buys Houses’ success is built around the company’s core values or standards by which the entire team works and lives. “Our Core Values are the key to our success with helping people get ahead in life. We have a list of Company Core Values posted in our office. That’s what we stand for every single day,” says Medina. Solving problems for homeowners with a simple no-hassle process while emphasizing high integrity and exceptional customer service is the company’s sole mission. 

John Medina Buys Houses is focused on providing life-changing solutions and ensuring the process of buying a home is simple. The company team is upfront, honest, and caring. Regardless of anyone’s situation, John Medina Buys Houses offers an easy home selling experience on a seller’s terms, or they walk away. 

 “We never look to pressure anyone into selling to us, if they don’t believe that we’re looking to solve a problem and improve their lives, then we simply walk will away,” says Ricky Magana, John Medina Buys Houses VP.

For more information on how to sell your home to John Medina Buys Houses, call 310-928-9688 or email to help@johnmedinabuyshouses.com. Interested parties can also learn more about the company by browsing through the website. A John Medina Buys Houses team member will also contact anyone who submits the website inquiry form within 24 hours or less.

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