“My job started to slow down and I started to have problems with money…”

“I owned a home that I could not afford. It had been well lived in and I didn’t have the money to keep up with repairs. I had acquired a loan to fix it up and sell it, only to have no nibbles for it. I knew it was partially the neighborhood and the market when I had it up for sale. All it really did was get me a loan payment and a run-down house.

My job started to slow down and I started to have problems with money. That’s when I found John’s card in my mailbox. I had called these ‘we will buy your house’ guys before but they wanted to buy the house at their price.  When I decided to call John, I let him know exactly what my situation was. He wanted to see the property and asked me what I was asking for it. I gave him my price and hung up the phone, thinking I would never hear from him again.

I am not a real estate knowledgeable type of person, but after John called back and we agreed on the price I had asked for, it was really quite simple and FAST!! With John and the escrow people he works with, and I do mean WITH, they made it pretty smooth and within a few days (ABOUT 10!!), THE WHOLE DEAL WAS DONE! The service was GREAT!!! From mailing, faxing, delivering. Even coming to my house to have papers signed, they were with me every inch of the way. I am still THANKING them!!!”

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